Fighting Infectious Diseases Everywhere! 

What’s Pandem-Sim?

Pandem-Sim is an intense and immersive learning experience that engages your students in a live simulation to analyze medical reports from around the world. Students quickly diagnose and treat an array of infectious diseases, study the data trends, and issue recommendations for prevention and control through public health alerts. With the help of computers, the Internet, and a video conference or webcam connection, students interact with a “Chief Epidemiologist” at the Challenger Learning Center in Wheeling, WV. Together, teams of students use their critical thinking skills and scientific knowledge to resolve disease outbreaks and try to prevent epidemics. During their mission, students become part of an emergency epidemiology team assembled to help resolve worldwide outbreaks. Stationed in a simulated Pandem Disease Center (PDC), students receive alerts from health officials in the field and must respond quickly to help prevent further disease cases. This live, online, role-playing simulation is complemented by the Pandem Disease Center which offers case-based and problem-based learning modules, career information and other resources that increase the project’s richness of content and approaches. We thank the National Institute of Health for funding for this Pandem-Sim suite of educational products!

Live Simulation

Become an emergency medical specialist/epidemiologist in this live simulation conducted through web/videoconferencing. You and your teammates resolve disease outbreaks as you work to help healthcare workers and victims across the globe. The Pandem-Sim live simulation provides an authentic way for high school students to apply science knowledge and skills. The mission curriculum is based on national and state science standards related to pathogens, human health, and the disease process. To conduct the mission, students become part of a Pandem-Sim team. They work in a simulated disease center equipped with high-tech computer resources and medical research capabilities, state-of-the-art, high-end communications systems, and dedicated satellites to relay information. Each team consists of three specialist groups: Infectious Disease Specialists, Epi-Analysts, and Disease Transmission Specialists. Typically, each of these groups includes two students, who share a computer to conduct their analyses. They should be seated near the team’s other two groups in order to collaborate often.

Support Curriculum: Disease Center and Data!

Pandem-Sim provides support curriculum before each mission to teach students about the different types of microorganisms and how they cause disease. A trove of additional information is included in the Pandem Disease Center which includes significant content on:

  • Problem-based learning modules
  • Case-based learning modules
  • Epi-Career Directory
  • Teacher professional development for problem-based and case-based learning in the classroom
  • Support curriculum
  • Teacher support guides

Similarly, Pandem-Data is an introduction to the use of Big Data to improve prediction of the spread of infectious diseases. Some teachers may want their students to explore this technical aspect of epidemiology modeling.

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