PA Science Standards

Pennsylvania Science Standards

Biological Sciences|0|707|0 

  • Compare and contrast the cellular structures and degrees of complexity of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms.
  • Describe relationships between structure and function at biological levels of organization.
  • Compare and contrast a virus and a cell.
  • Related the stages of viral cycles to the cell cycle.
  • Describe how the process of DNA replication results in the transmission and/or conservation of genetic information.
  • Describe and interpret relationship between structure and function at various levels of biological organization.
  • Identify questions and concepts that guide scientific investigations. Evaluate experimental information for relevance and adherence to science processes. Interpret results of experimental research to predict new information, propose additional investigable questions, or advance a solution.
  • Describe the factors that can contribute to the development of new species (e.g isolating mechanisms, genetic drift)
  • Explain how genetic technologies have impacted the fields of medicine, forensics, and agriculture.