Pre-Mission Checklist

Checklist of mandatory tasks to do in advance of your mission:

  • Schedule your mission 1-6 months in advance.
  • Click here to schedule a teacher training.
  • Prepare students for the mission using pre-mission preparation lesson plans. (Requires about 7 class periods.)
  • Assign students to teams and specialties. Pandem-Sim epidemiology teams (teams of six students each) with two Infectious Disease Specialists, two Epi-Analysts, and two Transmission Specialists set up at tables with one computer for each specialist pair. Specialists need to be able to communicate with each other, with the other four team members, and with the Chief Epidemiologist throughout the mission.
  • View Simulation Tutorial
  • Test distance learning link with Challenger’s Mission Control (See Technical Requirements)
  • Set up the classroom for the mission.
  • Table set up in the front of the room with one computer and videoconferencing equipment.
  • Mission Day! (Teachers will receive URL via email.)