Videoconferencing Equipment

You will conduct the mission in your school or other facility using web conferencing. The videoconferencing system permits a Pandem-Sim educator at Challenger Learning Center to see your students during the mission. A computer projection device and a large screen located in the front of your room permit the students to see and interact with the Chief Epidemiologist.

The videoconferencing system can be a dedicated unit such as Polycom or Tandberg, or a computer equipped with a webcam, a microphone, speakers, and videoconferencing software such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, etc. You can download Skype (free) here: Download Skype

If you have a standalone videoconferencing system, make sure it is connected using IP. If you are using ISDN lines, we’ll work with your bridging system.

What is Needed?

  • Videoconferencing system (a computer with a web cam at a minimum)
  • 3 computers per team – each with a mouse
  • Network/Internet connection for all computers
  • LCD projector for use with videoconferencing equipment

All computers must be connected to the Internet and using the latest version of Chrome. (All required software is specified below.)

Note on laptop use: Unless the laptops are plugged in it is strongly recommended to double check that the batteries are fully charged and to have two spare computers on the side—already booted up—in case a battery fails during the mission. This is a common occurrence due to the high use of the wireless modem.

Connection Procedures

H.323 IP Videoconference System: Challenger Learning Center will provide you with their IP address for you to enter into your system. Please dial in at 384 kb.

For Skype: Get Skype username from the Challenger Learning Center and add it to your Skype contact list. Place video call to the CLC Skype account from your Skype account.

Student Computers

Each team of six students works together to move through the epidemiological process to help solve disease outbreaks. Student teams are composed of three pairs of student specialists. The specialists are:
1. Infectious Disease Specialists
2. Epi-Analysts
3. Disease Transmission Specialists.

You will need one computer for each specialist group, for a total of three computers per team. If your classroom will have five teams: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, and Echo, you will require 15 student computers. Each team should be seated together with as much space as possible between teams to minimize crosstalk.

All computers must be connected to the Internet and use the latest version of Chrome – other browsers often cause problems.

Test Connect

It is mandatory to do a test connect prior to your mission. Mr. Dan Murphy will contact you to arrange for a test connect 2–4 weeks prior to your mission to ensure there are no issues on mission day. Because school IT coordinators often have more powerful or better connected computers than available to students, the test connect must be with the same computers that students will use on mission day.

Technical Questions?

If you have technical questions please contact our Challenger Technology Coordinator for help with Skype and other videoconferencing issues. Call 304-243-2063 or (cell) 304-215-5114.