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Welcome to the Pandem Disease Center!

The Center for Educational Technologies at Wheeling Jesuit University has developed the Pandem Disease Center (PDC) as part of the Pandem-Sim project through a cooperative agreement with the National Institutes of Health’s Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA). The Pandem Disease Center is a comprehensive educational package designed to increase high school students’ knowledge of epidemiology, infectious disease, immune responses and microorganisms. The project is a perfect fit in biology, microbiology, health, and related classes as well as in some guidance classes that have a careers component.

In addition to the infectious disease content, students who use Pandem Disease Center materials gain a better understanding of epidemiological processes, not only in investigating disease outbreaks, but also in being on the forefront of providing improved healthcare strategies through research. Disease transmission methods, prevention and containment strategies, and immunization protocols are included in the epidemiology of infectious disease. Students also learn about immunologic responses to diseases, allergic responses to antigens, and autoimmune disorders.

Pandem Disease Center components:

  • Problem-based learning modules
  • Case-based learning modules
  • Epi-Career Directory
  • Teacher professional development for problem-based and case-based learning in the classroom
  • Support curriculum
  • Teacher support guides

Other PDC Components

Key Resources contains a wealth of information for students and teachers in human biological sciences. Students can browse through subjects or use the resources for research projects.

Free Materials for Teachers provides links to and describes free posters, lesson plans, learning guides, DVDs, and more on a variety of infectious disease, disease outbreaks, anatomy and physiology, biology, and health topics.

Spotlight on Careers provides quick information about various healthcare careers..

Did you know that medical science uses maggots to clean wounds from bacterial infections that do not heal well or that some parasitic worms that live in intestines have no mouths or intestines and can be over 66 feet (over 20 meters) long? Epi- Fast Facts teaches interesting facts about pathogenic organisms, epidemiology, and human body defenses that fight disease.

And, of course, everything is linked to Standards.

Our Goal
We hope you find the site engaging and informative. Our goal is to twofold: to motivate students to explore infectious disease and epidemiology topics, and to assist teachers in delivering effective, engaging materials that increase students’ knowledge base, critical thinking skills, and interest in science careers.

Also Part of the Pandem Project:
Pandem-Sim is a live, role-playing simulation that engages students in the epidemiological process of fighting disease outbreaks. Students analyze case reports to quickly diagnose and recommend treatment for an array of infectious diseases, study data trends, and issue public health alerts. Teams of students interact with a “Chief Epidemiologist” to respond quickly to help prevent further disease spread.

Pandem-Data is an education curriculum that introduces high school students to the concepts of Big Data and how it is used to improve the prediction of the spread of infectious diseases. Students learn how to model disease outbreaks and then use professional epidemiological modeling software that accesses Big Data. Infectious disease curriculum provides the background needed for students to understand how compartmental models of disease spread are constructed.

We want to know what you think. If you have feedback or questions on the Pandem Disease Center materials, please let us know.