Active Learning Resources

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Using Rubrics—Cornell University-Center for Teaching Excellence

Active Learning to Enhance Retention—the Learning Pyramid

Promoting Active Learning—Stanford University

Activities to Boost Student Engagement
Links to different strategies to increase student engagement, including case method teaching, coached problem solving, collaborative learning, G+ Hangout sessions, online forum discussion, problem-based learning, role-playing, and more.

40 Active Strategies for Active Students

Assessment and Rubrics—Kath Schrock’s Guide to Everything
Lots of links to different types of rubrics for various subject matter topics, including student research self-assessment rubrics, educator technology skills, and rubric builders and generators.

Cornell University—Center for Teaching Excellence—Teaching Tips

Science Rubrics-Cornell University

UC Berkeley—Center for Teaching and Learning—Active Learning Strategies

Center for Research on Learning and Teaching

Center for Faculty Excellence—University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill—Classroom Activities for Active Learning

Center for Research on Learning and Teaching—Active Learning Continuum