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These resources contain career information that can help you learn more about healthcare and biomedical careers. Often, students do not know what subjects they should choose to study in high school that would prepare them for a possible science career. They may not have narrowed down their choices for a career and until they have taken a few high school courses, may not even know they may be interested in one of the many careers in biomedical science.

The Pandem Disease Center (PDC) allows students to explore interests in science careers through several features:

Spotlight on Careers (on every page) provides a brief overview of a wide variety of careers. The featured career changes with each page.

The Epi-Career Directory provides a more detailed description of biomedical careers that include a job overview, required educational preparation, salary expectations, and the outlook (potential for growth) for the career.

Career activities are also included. Not Sure What You Want To Do?-Try a Career Inventory allows you to investigate your compatibility for science careers. Plan for a Career in Science-Now provides you with information about what science courses you should study in high school in order to prepare you for future studies.

Videos—Careers in Epidemiology provides videos on careers topics within the field of epidemiology. Listen to epidemiology and health professionals describe how they became interested in science and in their specific careers and what they do in their daily responsibilities of safe-guarding public health.