Key Resources

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This section contains Key Resources categorized by topic. Both students and teachers can use these resources in a number of different ways.

A Careers section includes career information that can help students learn more about healthcare and biomedical careers. Two activities allow students to investigate their interest in biomedical careers and online resources provide job descriptions, education requirements, salary expectation, and job outlooks. An Epi-Career Directory has expanded information on healthcare careers.

The five types of human pathogens—Viruses and Prions, Bacteria, Protozoa, Fungi, and Helminths— have resources listed separately for each type.

Resources-Infectious Diseases includes sites for information on many human diseases caused by infectious pathogens. Students can use these resources to find out more about disease causes, symptoms, treatments, prognosis, and more for reports, research projects, their PBL module assignments, or for just learning more about infectious diseases so they can avoid them!

Resources-Non-infectious Diseases lists sites for information on many diseases, disorders, injuries, and conditions that are not caused by pathogens, but rather are caused by problems such as anatomical defects in the body, chemical imbalances, or conditions brought on by unhealthy lifestyle choices. Although the Pandem-sim project components focus more on epidemiology and infectious disease, the resources in this section are provided as information for students and teachers on other disease conditions in the human body.

(Of course, neither Resources for Infectious Diseases nor Resources for Non-infectious Diseases is meant to be a complete list of possible human disease conditions, but rather resources for the more common conditions that cause disease.)

Resources-Videos lists sites for finding disease, health, and epidemiology videos. Some of the videos are short, informative clips about one narrow topic. Others are longer documentaries and reports that provide a more comprehensive view of a broader topic. They provide more content and often present multiple perspectives on a more complex subject.

Online Infectious Disease Activities includes links to online interactive programs. Students can take interactive quizzes, work through virtual lab activities, and watch demonstrations of labs on a variety of biological topics.

Free Stuff for Teachers lists link to and describes sites which offer free posters, bookmarks, lesson plans, learning guides, and DVDs on a variety of infectious diseases, immunization, immune system and immune responses, epidemiology, and health topics. In these times of limited budgets and cutbacks, these materials are a great way to enhance interest in biology and health topics.

Although this section contains links to specific topics, the Pandem Disease Center as a whole is a great resource for both teachers and students.