Videos—Careers in Epidemiology

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Science Speaks: Talking to Women in Science—Epidemiologist, Liz Masterson
Elizabeth Masterson, an epidemiologist at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), talks about her journey to epidemiology, explains the importance of research in protecting workers, and offers advice to aspiring scientists.

This 4:43 minute interview with Dr. Masterson details how and why she became interested in a science career and how important the science processes are to her work of helping protect workers from hearing loss. She gives advice to students who may or may not be considering a career in science.

One on One with Epidemiologist Graham Briggs
In this 15:21 minute interview, Channel Pinal’s Joe Pyritz sits down with Pinal County Public Health Services District’s Epidemiologist Graham Briggs. Do you want to know what an epidemiologist does? Graham will tell you what goes on with inspecting and following up on infectious diseases and other threats to the public’s health.

Epidemiology at Doctors Without Borders
Rosamund  Southgate,  an epidemiologist with Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) talks about her experiences as an epidemiologist working the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.  She describes the importance of work of an epidemiologist during a disease outbreak and in collecting data in public health field work. (5:47 minutes)

Humanitarian Snapshot—Epidemiologist in South Sudan 
Mohamad Haidar describes his epidemiology work researching venomous snake bites in South Sudan. (3:14 minutes)

Epidemiologist: Why Girls Should Consider a Career in Epidemiology
0:49 minute video in which Shacara Johnson, epidemiologist at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, shares valuable epidemiology career guidance and life advice with girls.

What is a Disease Ecologist?— Dr. Brian Allan
Dr. Brian Allan describes his combination of field work and laboratory work researching how our environments affect your exposure to disease-carrying organisms. He discusses how he chose his career path.

Epidemiologist: Latoya Simmons and College Advice
A 3:27 minute in which Latoya Simmons, Epidemiologist for the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, shares valuable career guidance and advice about college course work and career objectives.

Sen Sok: Stories of Villagers in Rural Cambodia—Public Health
This 6:55 minute video profiles the public health efforts to provide clean drinking water to a village in rural Cambodia. The story shows how being able to get water from a new well that is much closer to the village affects their lives and how the public health efforts also educated the villagers on the importance of keeping the vegetables they grow clean so they do not get as many infectious diseases.

Public Health Professionals—Salt Lake City Health Department
An epidemiologist working at the Salt Lake City Health Department discusses her work studying and containing disease outbreaks. She describes a particularly challenging outbreak of hepatitis A in heroin drug users and a tularemia outbreak that was not being diagnosed correctly in the medical community.

Is a Career in Public Health Right For Me?
Epidemiologists and public health professionals discuss how they became interested in public health professions. Diverse professions such healthcare promotions director, biostatistician, health special events coordinator, public health nurse, and community health educator are profiled. (11:26 minutes)

Science Speaks: Talking to Women in Science
Sara Luckhaupt, a U.S. Public Health Service officer and medical epidemiologist, talks about how her love of mystery books as a kid led to a career as a disease detective at NIOSH where she solves problems to help protect America’s workforce.  (4:22 minutes)–0A